My first time

Hmmm I am from a small town, my parents are liberal+conservative+cool+getting-on-nerves types. I have a kiddo brother. I am their fat+intelligent+cute+responsible+nuts+independent+proud daughter 🙂

Really you wont  believe how I was 8 years ago. I would oil my hair every day I mean every day, waxing meant only candles, I had no idea what threading was I had never seen a beauty parlor expect summi aunty’s veranda+one black chair+one flower vase+some scissors+ few creams beauty parlor.

Forget sex even looking at boys was a sin for me. I was 17 and through a friend I met this guy… It was like straight out of  a sophie kinsella novel.. He swept me off my feet. That moment still gives me goosebumps. Ok I will not bore you with details of how he proposed I accepted then he failed me and i chucked him and he changed since then we are in loooove for ever after details.

But these things happened I guess happens in every relationship some details might change but still the same story. So coming back what I wanted to talk about My first time. So initial 1 year of our relationship we were so dumb (read innocent) we only talked and hugged and kissed (first kiss was just beautiful will tell you some other time) the thought that it cloud lead to some thing else did not even occur to us. 

Hmmm I wrote and deleted many paragraphs what ever I wrote sounded like porn. Seriously!!! do you get it I dont know how write about the first time with out making it sound like porn 😦

Ok on our first time were clueless on how to go about, he knew a bit as he had seen porn before when he told me I was horrified I mean I knew how it happens I had read it in my science texts but the idea of actually doing it freaked me out. And I was so shy about everything

After fooling around for two hours in vain we slept. That was the best sleep I ever had, something happened when we woke up from the sleep and we were like in some auto pilot mode. It happened!!! we did it!!! no fooling around, no bumping the heads, no weird postures but it happened. I cant say It wasn’t painful but it was equally beautiful.

What ever happens I can never forget my first time.

How was yours like?


Ms. Lipstick




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4 Responses to My first time

  1. ~S says:

    lol, my first time was like- “really??- thats what the hype is all about??” i mean where are the stars that i was promised i would see? the way you shouldnt have deleted the paragraphs 😀

  2. charmedbylove says:

    mine… couldn’t fit in… literally… tried and tried and after three months… bravo! we were newbies though… so yeahh >.<
    well, i ain't with her anymore, but its kinda funny when you look back! ^_^

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