Guilt or Fear?

I am never the one who analyses, feels and most importantly realize the emotion happening inside me.

I would never realize I am Happy, Sad, Tensed or Angry. Hence I do not know the characteristics of these emotions nor I am familiar with entire family of emotions. I would be really happy if some one makes a chart of these characteristics and give it to me.

I just live in the moment, but I am experiencing a weird feeling from past two days, a feeling that leaves me with a continuous lump in the throat, pangs of pain in the stomach, some distant voice in the back of my head telling me it is the right thing to move ahead.

And logically I know I am no where ethically wrong, but this feeling like I have swallowed a live fish is hard to ignore.

I am at the end of one journey and at the beginning of the other. The ride till now was funny+emotional+Knowledgeable but like all good things in life It has come to an end, I was the one consciously opted it to end.

I know the reason why I did so, here I was stagnant I am sure I would rot or loose my imagination here. I wanted experience the bigger challenge. When I was thinking about it, it all seemed so glossy and tempting, now when things are actually materializing I am Scared.

I dont know if this feeling is Guilt or Fear???

Or may be both??


Ms. Lipstick

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