Midnight Rambles

It is 00:30 hours and I am wide awake.

I had been grocery shopping with M the super market was bursting with people for the festival on Friday.  I just love shopping, be it pulses or lipsticks, toilet acids or perfumes, they are therapeutic to me. I am like Rebecca Bloomwood. I did not buy much I just got some wet wipes and a lip balm.

I was texting MR today whole day, some times loosing sanity and acting wacko is so rejuvenating. Seriously I act like grand mother at 24.

I just cleaned my hand bag and I had so many bus tickets, restaurant bills, super market bills I never like to throw them. I know its stupid but I keep the bills from all our dates, some times I even keep the tissues as we would have scribbled some thing cute on stupid on them while waiting for the food.

I always write MR’s name as Mr. Lipstick. when he writes my name as Mrs. MR.

we checkout hot girls in the room first and some how I honestly not find one girl hot enough in the room, then we checkout hot guys and I honestly find plenty of them. But he doesn’t which I am suspicious about.

I know I am not making any sense but as I said these are midnight ramblings.


Ms. Lipstick

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One Response to Midnight Rambles

  1. ~S says:

    lol, i like shopping too! any kind. its a real stress buster! & lol we(hubby & i) check out the hotties too all the time. 😀

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