I cooked

If you stay away from your family, you would realize how precious is home cooked meals. I mean I just hate outside food but actually i am too lazy to stand in front of stove and Cook.

As I am alone most of the times at home my usual dinner menu includes a glass of milk or a bun, some times biscuits, on rare occasion I order pizzas or Chinese food.

But today as aunt was in town I cooked I made simple rice and Dal. Served it with some raw mango pickles and fresh yogurt.

And boi oh boi! It was delicious  🙂 there were tears of happiness in my eyes.   * I am exaggerating but it was really very delicious* I have eaten too much right now I am like the anaconda who just ate an entire elephant.

Ms. Lipstick

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One Response to I cooked

  1. Titaxy says:

    LOL @ the last line. Homecooked meals are bliss 🙂

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