Where you want to be 5 years from now. .

Honestly I have no freakin Idea.

Possibilities are,

I would be the Marketing Head – India Sales in the company I will join in 20 days

I would be pursuing Kathak *an Indian Dance Form* full time

I would get married and give up work all together for rising children

I and MR would move to another country

I and MR would start his dream project

I would start my dream project * starting a girls school for underprivileged children*

I would take up another job

All the above ones are sane predictions, Some from my imagination are

I would become a crime reporter in the most cheesy TV channel of south INDIA and cover Politicians watching porn in the assembly house

I would save enough money to go backpacking all over India for an year

World will end on 29-12-2012

I would become a hippie

I would have published my book which will become an international bestseller

I would lose loads of weight get a nose job done and become a Victoria secret model or join holywood

I mean the possibilities are endless and when some one asks me this question most of the time I am at loss of words. I had read somewhere may be by DEEPAK CHOPRA that “the only reality is infinite possibilities“.

Where you want to be 5 years from now???








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2 Responses to Where you want to be 5 years from now. .

  1. shoes says:

    Five years from now, that is a tricky one. While this may sound vague I would like to own my own small business. Something simple that will help to pay the bills but also make me happy and give my life something more.
    Although I would not be opposed to backpacking over India for a year, I would imagine my family would be. 🙂

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