Somersaulting into the weekend..

Yay!!!!! Weekend is finally here.

I have got so many plans people.

Long drive

Bike Ride

visiting my fav River

Eating in Highway dhabas

Beijing bites Szechuan Noodles 🙂

Talking till the sunset on our fav spot

Doing some notty notty stuff on the way

Eat his brains out

I’m getting a hair cut

I’m getting my nails done

I want to try a teeth whitener, not that I have gross yellow teeth. I want flaunt the pearly whites like they describe in the novels. Any suggestions which one to try?

I badly need a wardrobe make over. I want to buy Jeans, Tops, Jackets, Pumps. Jwellery

I am planning for a complete  make over before I join the new firm

Off I go, time to start ticking the list!!!!!!

Have a great weekend Darlings :*

Ms. Lipstick

PS. Oh first one on list is to go home and make hot puran polis 🙂



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