If some one touches your breasts, you break their balls!!!

“I am angry, I am ashamed, I am helpless, I am frustrated, and I know nobody gives a damn!!!!!!

No one gives a damn.

I am characterless, if I wear a modern outfit and celebrate my friend’s birthday.

But you are a hero, for groping my breast, for undressing me in front of the camera, for slapping me, for being my moral police.”

I cannot describe I angry I am, how helpless I am feeling right now.

The Dick Head Bastards did it again. They slapped, man handled, molested the girls in front of the camera. They tore their clothes, grabbed their breasts but we will not do anything.

We sit at home and watch the sunday drama. We leave few angry sighs and switch to the next channel and watch some english movie and forget it ever happened. We are impotent bastards.

We never rise our voices, because it doesn’t concern us.

If you don’t understand what I am talking about please read this http://www.deccanchronicle.com/channels/nation/south/%E2%80%98immoral-police%E2%80%99-strike-again-mangalore-643

Dear Society,

Please teach our girls this,

“If some one touches your breasts, you break their balls!!!!!!”

– Ms. Lipstick

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