What I expect from My Blog

I read few posts on blogging etiquette’s from fellow bloggers. It got me thinking if I should do the same, but right now My Blog is just couple of posts old. It is too early to define etiquette and restrict its flow, instead following are the few things I expect from My Blog,

  1. This Blog is my private place, this is a place where I share the deepest some times even darkest facts related to my life.
  2. I take full responsibility of opinions stated in this blog.
  3. I expect my readers to be adult though I do not write porn here, I share my sexual experiences and feel the need of discretion. * though in heart I expect some teenagers to read it and have a broader and open perspective towards sex rather then reading misleading porn literature*
  4. I would never compromise on the anonymity. I wish to stay anonymous always.
  5. I expect to meet some like minded bloggers, build some healthy relationships in the process learn a thing or two.
  6. I am not afraid of being wrong or committing a mistake. But I would also not be offended if you communicate it to me and give the logical justification of your opinion.
  7. I respect other bloggers anonymity and would not interfere.
  8. If I ever link other bloggers in my post I will inform them hence forth.
  9. I appreciate all types of comments.
  10. I do not put too much of thought into what I write in this blog, it will reflect my state of mind, my stand on a particular issue at that point in time when I am writing that particular post. My opinion might differ after some time depending on various reasons like reader might point out my mistake, I might stumble upon some facts that might prove me wrong and so on. In such case I will definitely acknowledge my mistake or the incorrect stand.

Cant think of any more but I will update it soon.


Ms. Lipstick

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