A few random facts

I feel very uncomfortable when I dont write a post. And I do not have enough time to write a proper post for various reasons, but till I write some thing decent please bear with random updates of my life.

I have guests at home, I am not engineered to do household work 😦 I can sell products, sign the deals but I simply cannot take the dal+oil+tea+gravy stains off the stove 😦

I am job shifting, dont even get me started how much work that is. I should have stayed back for lesser money and a lower position. Job shifting is pain in the ass.

My new resolution for loosing weight is to travel by public transport to work, and its is working because I almost walk 3 kilometers for a day and climb 7 floors plus I am saving loads of money 🙂 🙂 But the down side of it my usual 45 min commute to home now takes almost 2 hours, but I am not complaining now I get lot of time to call my buddies and gossip away to glory 🙂

MR is in town, all the left over spare time, every second of it I want to spend with him. You know long distance sucks!!! Anyways we meet in malls, stalls, restaurants 🙂

Saddest part is lack of alone time, in past one month we got only two times, and a few instant sessions.

I am almost 24, I have a hot boyfriend whom I meet only on some months of the year, I am hormonal and we dont get to have sex.. NOT FAIR.

So how is life treating you?

Love ,

Ms. Lipstick
PS. I am loving How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. I completed once and started reading it again immediately. Sheer Brilliance!!!!! Now I am bugging MR to read it.


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