The 45-Market-313 Chronicles – Part 1

“Shining in the shaded sun like a pearl up on the ocean.. ” zzzzz

“Shining in the shaded sun like a pearl up on the ocean.. ” zzzzz

“Shining in the shaded sun like a pearl up on the ocean.. ” zzzzz

“Shining in the shaded sun like a pearl up on the ocean.. ” zzzzzz

I snooze the alarm on the 4th ring. After 5 min “Shining in the shaded sun like a pearl up on the ocean.. “ Snooze again I check the time on my mobile with one eye open it is 7.05 AM. I set the alarm to 7.30AM and sleep again.

After many failed attempts I finally get up at 7.55 AM “oh shit!!! I am late” I tell myself. As a habit I switch on the TV, browse the channels and put Mtunes and increase the volume “.. pauha chadaake aaayi hoon, chikni chameli, chikni chameli..”  I do some hands and leg shaking trying to give a sexy expression and come infront of mirror and immediately straighten my face because I look constipated in the sexy expression.

Then I study my face for 5 min nope nothing has changed over night, I try to find if I have developed any signs of aging over night. Nope nothing no visible wrinkles, no eye bags, I give out a sigh of relief and smile. Then I continue to study my teeth, do the eeeehs and aaaahs take my tongue out, think for the millionth time if I should get the braces on. Then decide against it open the cupboard take out my extra virgin olive oil apply it on my face and neck. * Why is it extra virgin????? are the normal ones not virgin??? How do olives loose virginity?? if anyone knows please enlighten me* 

I open my wardrobe keep staring it for 1 minute, as if I am expecting some dress will come flying out the wardrobe, irons itself and will be ready for me to wear. But sadly nothing happens, I take out a set make a mental note to tidy up my wardrobe this weekend and think I will definitely forget so I open my accessories drawer take out the yellow-post-it *I am a stationery jukie, I keep them everywhere in the house* hunt for my pink-purple-blingy pen write in bold letters “CLEAN THE WARDROBE” and stick it on the wardrobe.

*. . dil garden garden ho gaya..” playing on TV I am back bum and hand shaking. I open the solar tap to fill the bucket damn the rainy season and the clouds the water is freezer cold. Then I go to kitchen fill two large vessels with water keep them on the stove to heat. I think of making myself coffee open the fridge and find no milk there so settle for black coffee, and I can never make good black coffee its always either too strong or too light. However I make it, sit on the sofa with my galaxy note whose battery is almost dying, then I start checking my various e-mail accounts and blogs, reply to the comments, like few FB status, laugh on few tweets by the time I finish this exercise my half drunk coffee is gone cold I chuck the cup in the sink check the water it is still not hot enough I put both my phones to charge *yes I have two phones, two sim cards, One official, One personal*.

“.. Yenamo yeedhooo…” I change to tamil music channel and go and iron my dress between bum and handshaking. Then sing aloud my own lyrics as I dont understand the head and tail of tamil lyrics I put that channel just because their music is so awesome. I fill the bucket with boiling water, I take my own time in the bath, I come out of the bath like a big red pumpkin, I dry my hairs, cover my face and body with layers of cream, for body I use a body butter with SPF in it, for feetI apply some foot mousse, for face first moisturizer then sunscreen and then finally a fairness cream followed by a compact powder.

I apply kohl to my eyes, dab the tinted lipbalm to my lips, comb my hair, spray some perfume. Tan-ta-da I AM READY 🙂


to be continued…

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One Response to The 45-Market-313 Chronicles – Part 1

  1. shoes says:

    Ah, the morning routine… It sounds like you have it down pat.

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