Pain, a very strong emotion no I am not talking about physical pain, I am talking about a pain that is more powerful than physical pain.

This pain masks everything else, it can be the pain of loosing a loved one, of rejection, of not achieving, pain of being deceived, pain of not living Upto ones own expectation, pain of helplessness, of broken trusts, of failing some one.

But as I have experienced them all these pains are shortlived. Their intensity reduces with time, by sharing with a loved one, by someones sweet voice, by making new acquaintances, making new attempts, by moving on.

As time passes it doesn’t hurt that much, the seizures reduces and it doesn’t affect as it used to before. Because life has a healing power. It heals you more than it hurts you.

Life with all its uncertainties and pains is worth living for. Because everyday it gives opportunities to make it right, to fight back or to simply move on.

Ms. Lipstick

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