2nd Day at the New Job

Hmmm. Its my second day here.

And I am not liking it yet. too bad no.

What do I do? Let me give it sometime,

Ok reasons for my initial coldness,

  1. People here are freezing cold, no good mornings, no smiles, no tea break chats 😦 can you believe it they drink coffee at their desk alone.
  2. Through my previous experience I am accustomed to think with regards to the big business picture, but here I am expected work like a mindless machine, everybody here work like mindless machines 😦 and on the calls people read out from the scripts given to them on their joining day.
  3. It is a multinational firm for godsake! I always heard about multinational firm’s employee treatments how open they are to new ideas and innovations, but no I dont see anything here 😦
  4. I reported a minor correction on the firm’s website to TL sitting next to me, and she sent me ” I appreciate your Help” mail, which is nice by the way, but still I was sitting just next to her, cant she just say thank you.
  5. Biggest turn off, they treat the office helps like slaves, I just hate when people dont call the office boys and maids like they are animals. Yesterday when the office help gave me coffee I thanked him, and he looked at me like I was some lunatic.

I am panicking, Help me people what do I do?


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