Updating Life

Hello sexy people, how’s life treating you?

Mine is treating me pretty decent, except for the whining that how boring and cold my new job is, and the only thing making me stick to it is the comparatively fat pay check  🙂

I had taken MR and future in laws for dinner on Saturday my FIL got drunk and entertained us throughly, it was cute that he was high on only two bottles of beer  🙂

Though I was enjoying it MR was embarrassed and had turned beetroot red, God he was looking so hot, had it not been with the in laws I would have pounced on him right there  🙂

And Bangalore whether is a evil evil witch who is solely responsible for my recent
weight gain. It pours so heavily in the evenings that all I do at home is make hot food and eat infront of TV.

I am having some relationship issues, I’ll be coming soon to you guys for advice. How ever Hi-fi my phone is, it is still crap to type a post on it. It is ok only for small random updates.

Love you,
Ms. Lipstick

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2 Responses to Updating Life

  1. 🙂 drunk FIL sounds cute!

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