Advise Please Advice

Let me make one thing very clear at the end of this post I want honest opinion / advice slap me, kick me do anything but please get me out of this mess.

My happy as heaven relationship with MR is not very happy these days. MR is two months younger to me, he wasted three years as he could not clear state board exams, then opted for a different stream and is in now last year of graduation, studies wise he is good maintaining more than 8 GPA, might get a job as soon as he finishes graduation so all that is fine.

So obviously I graduated 3 years early and started working, I have a decent work with decent pay all that is also fine.

but the thing is I don’t know if I am being unreasonable, I don’t feel like telling I love you for every few minutes like I used to be,couple of years ago, I can’t play you hang up first anymore, I can’t fight for every single thing.

I feel like I have grown too fast where he has lot of growing up to do. The arguments aren’t fun I feel like energy is draining out of me.

sometimes I get so frustrated that I think of coming out the relationship, but both of us have invested lot time and affection to it. I don’t know what is the right thing to do

does any went through these issues in their relationship? How did you deal with it? Am I over thinking it? am I being impulsive? Is it just the stress?

I am scared, very very scared. These emotions I have not shared with,anyone and I will not share it also, please help me

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