An Awesome Weekend!

Hello Sexy people!!!!

How are you doing? How did your weekend go?

Mine was went amazingly! you must know I and MR were having problems recently, so Saturday we decided we will talk about it.

So Saturday early morning I met him we drove out of the city, sat in a nice cool place and spoke for almost 3 hours, his complaints, my complaints, his reasons, my reasons, his solutions, my solutions and pufff! Problem Solved!!!

I tell you more than  half of the problems in the world can be solved if people talk about it, rather than just assuming stuff and drawing conclusions randomly 🙂

We felt very light and very hungry so went to a near by dhaba ate  parathas and kebabs. I returned home in the evening and there were some guests so we again went out to dinner to an Italian restaurant, the pastas there were to die for 🙂

Sunday MR and other friends came home, I cooked we watched Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum for the millionth time, we ate, laughed, fought and slept. Perfect Sunday 🙂

In the weekend I didn’t touch the laundry, I have not dusted the house, I have to spring clean the house for the festival which is in two weeks, I should start start the pre-procedures of making the sweets and other snacks ( for every Ganesha Festival Mom makes 21 types of dishes for Ganpathi Bappa, I hardly make 5 types but this time Mom is coming to bangalore for festival so I’ll try and make atleast 11 types 🙂 so watch out for many cooking fiascoes and recipes in the coming fortnight ).

I just pray Ganpathi Bappa please cure my procrastination disorder temporarily!!

Lots of Love,

Ms. Lipstick

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