Of many Of’s

Of Weekend:

Weekend was relaxing, I saw Raaz 3 in 3D on Saturday with MR it was dumb and boring and not one bit scary L, then did some grocery shopping at the super market, got home cooked, ate, fought and MR had to leave.  As soon as he left I got back to my usual lazy self, did nothing bust surfed the channels, I cannot tell you how much I hate staying alone L

Sunday I had sakku bai’s spirit in me, and my house had transformed to Dhobi Ghat, I washed truck loads of clothes L I was dead tired by 4.00 PM then I cleaned the kitchen sparkling clean made rice, vegetable sambhar and French omelet for dinner my uncle had come over for dinner.

Again surfed channels till 1.00 AM and went to bed. I am hooked to the new series of Grey’s Anatomy. And I can never get tired of watching Sex and the city J

Of Smoking:

Ok I am soo deviating from the sole pupose of starting this blogs, now a days all I write about is random updates of my life which I can share with anyone, why should I need an anonymous blog for that.

If you don’t remember I started this blog to share things which I might not share with anyone I know in person. To share things and not worry about the judgments made, be fearless and honest.  So from now I will write about those stuffs.

I SMOKE, I am not an addict but I still smoke, may be once in 3 months or sometimes more than a year. I don’t smoke because I am happy or sad I smoke when the cigarette is available or when I am tempted by seeing someone smoke in front of me.

It started out of curiosity, once my uncle had forgotten a pack of cigarettes at our house, so it was just lying there tempting after many failed attempts I finally picked it up, made sure no one is looking at me and took it to the bathroom upstairs, switched on the exhaust fan, lit the cigarette with the match stick, took the first puff and Yuck! it was terrible, I threw it in the basin and flushed and it did not go in!!!! I panicked I flushed many times but god it dint budge it was floating there like white poo, which won’t go in even after flushing a million times.

I had started having thoughts of picking it with my hand the mere thought of it made me want to throw up, finally my brain worked and I filled two buckets of water and forced it inside the basin and finally it went! By this time I was breathing hard and sweating all over like I had just dug a grave!

Enough of gross details, that is how I had my first smoke, after that I smoked couple of times with my brother on our terrace, it instantly made me coolest sister among his friends. As I said I am not addicted to smoke, nor does it give me any high,  all it gives me is a bad breath. But I agree it fascinates me, the way we drag the smoke keep it inside us and then blow out the smoke. It makes me feel different, like telling the world I am not so good after all, I don’t follow your rule book.

Last week I, my brother and his friend did a all night out, coke, cigarettes and horror stories. Time flew by before I realize I had smoked 7 cigarettes, I kind of got a hang of it and again smoked 3 cigarettes the following days. Which brings my total smoke count to 26 (yes I do keep a count).

MR does not smoke though I made him try it with me once, yes I am the spoilt person in our relationship, I was the one who introduced MR to smoking, drinking (cashew fenny and Vodka both he didn’t like L), sneaking to the terrace for a quick smooch J

Of Goodbye:

Yes MR’s vacation got over, he is leaving today evening. I will write a separate post on that. For now let’s just say I am really, really SAD.

Of Festival:

Nope, no preparations yet. Oh my God!!

Of New Job:

Not so new anymore. But it is going well.

So how is life treating you????


Ms. Lipstick

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