Erotica ???

Hmmm I finished reading HTBAW by Caitlin Moran for the second time, and I was quite drawn to a certain fact where she talks about how misogynist are our channels of exposure to sex for the young generation, how full of fantasy and imaginations were the works of great authors in her times that made people come just by reading them.

I had watched some porn on the internet in my teen days out of curiosity and what ever I had seen was definitely very misogynist, blonde+skinny+ girls with large breasts were beaten abused drawn around by alien like looking men and it didn’t arouse me one bit, the whole act was very disturbing and disgusting to me and I stopped watching them.

I decided to explore what Ms. Moran was telling. So a week ago I downloaded some erotic literature and started reading them, for one whole week I read erotica every where I read them in the night, in the morning, in the bus, in the lunch breaks, while watching TV. And yes she was right it was amazing, orgasms were referred to the dawn of thousand suns , heat between the legs, sensation of flowing river, womanhood, manhood such beautiful words, kisses that felt like end of the world.

I am glad I read them because if I hadn’t I would have definitely missed something important.

Have you ever read or enjoyed reading erotica?

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