Bugle Rock!

Hello Darlings!

How is life treating you?

How is mine you ask? I have no idea, I don’t even have time to stop for second and think about it.

Right now I’m working full time, doing post graduation part time, planning to start my small venture shortly, fell sick twice, was hospitalised once, and er, em, wedding plans started and Mom is going crazy. I never imagined getting married is hard work!!! venue, food, transport, guest lists, jewellery, gifts, rituals, clothes the list is end less!!

But then every thing is happening so fast, sad part none of the experience is registering in, I’m like some robot working. May be I need to take some time out. Hope fully next weekend is a long weekend 🙂

K is good, he is enjoying last few days of college life. And now we discuss properties and cars!!! It is happening for real, I’m getting married ufff!!

And speaking of cars, I need to buy a car my ancient kinetic is counting its last days. Totally confused on which car to buy, please suggest something for Bangalore traffic! I want a small car but not Reva or Tata Nano 😦 I was thinking of may be Chevrolet Beat, but then still research to be done.

And because of falling sick twice I have lost loads of weight 🙂 so to continue the progress I started running in the mornings, and so far it is good. It is the part of the day I look forward to.

And I’m full of marriage blues, if there is something like that. But I will write a separate post on it.

I will try and write more often. Happy New year to all who celebrate Ugadi!

And what is the title you, it is name of the park I go for running and I’m posting it from here!

Ms. Lipstick

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