After 3+ years in the industry, hopping 2 companies I recently got promoted as team lead.  So first day when they announced I was like Really? Whaaat? Me?  *had an expression like I have won the Oscar accidentally all day*. I had to run to the Loo calm my nerves and come back give a speech that I understand the responsibility, I will give my best yada yada yada yawn  yawn. 

I went home skipped hopped and danced gave promotion party to aunt, text-ed all my friends and was swelling with pride every time I “congrats babe” reply 🙂 🙂 *Nope I didn’t put it as my watsapp status or any social media status even though I was tempted to do so, but remembered all the  poor people I had made fun off for doing the same* So finally I slept with dreams of me in  Calvin Klein jackets, shiny long cars and being  India’s own Sheryl Sandberg or Marissa Mayer.

Next day when I got up as excited as the first day of school took extra time to prettify myself, reached office with full ishtyle switched on the computer, opened my outlook hit F9 then got 6 e-mails of Action Plans. Only then it occurred to me OMG I’m now responsible for 6 people *glass shattered imagine myself in black and white types old aunty trying to manage 6 cranky notorious types kids even I was one of them only yesterday* ok may be I’m exaggerating but its true,

  1. Your friends will start looking at you as a vamp out of ekta kapoors daily soaps
  2. They will stop telling you their plans, bloody hell I knew her boyfriend is coming this Friday and she will take a fake sick leave, but duh at least don’t  lie to me!
  3. Managers thinks just because every one  thought you were witty and smart before they will continue doing it. All of a sudden you will start looking like the dumbest person on earth
  4. That awkward lunch treat you give to your colleagues *forced to give to your colleagues* where no one will have any thing interesting to talk about other than scolding the system and you will be in the eternal dilemma to join them or shut your mouth and concentrate on the aloo paratha
  5. Sad part is, the same manager whom you have imagined  dancing for item numbers in meetings and thought the most dumb person on earth start looking like not so dumb and actually has a point in what he is saying
  6. You become responsible for the revenues generating
  7. Same breaks that you used to take with your friends start looking like waste of productive time, OMG I had never even thought of being productive in 3 years
  8. Team mates will take leave for reasons like my mother’s-neighbor’s-wife’s-brother ’s-girlfriend’s dog died and you will be the most heartless person to not to grant leave
  9. You will have to attend meetings and prepare yourself for questions like what is the target markets 1/4th interest in the future needs in terms of technical and functional requirement that can contemplated as a possible prospect?
  10. Now you understand and sympathize with your grumpy faced managers and leads

       There are no new jackets or shiny cars, its the same old you sitting in a cabin working through endless reports.  So suck up the excitement and get your ass back to work!



Ms. Lipstick

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