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Erotica ???

Hmmm I finished reading HTBAW by Caitlin Moran for the second time, and I was quite drawn to a certain fact where she talks about how misogynist are our channels of exposure to sex for the young generation, how full … Continue reading

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Updating Life

Hello sexy people, how’s life treating you? Mine is treating me pretty decent, except for the whining that how boring and cold my new job is, and the only thing making me stick to it is the comparatively fat pay … Continue reading

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A few random facts

I feel very uncomfortable when I dont write a post. And I do not have enough time to write a proper post for various reasons, but till I write some thing decent please bear with random updates of my life. … Continue reading

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I am a hunter she want to see my gun

Have you heard the song???? If not go hear it now.. It is super funny, I cant help humming it loud!!!! Everyone is giving the look that I am pervert. No I am just hooked to its awesomeness. Love, Ms. … Continue reading

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Where you want to be 5 years from now. .

Honestly I have no freakin Idea. Possibilities are, I would be the Marketing Head – India Sales in the company I will join in 20 days I would be pursuing Kathak *an Indian Dance Form* full time I would get … Continue reading

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Midnight Rambles

It is 00:30 hours and I am wide awake. I had been grocery shopping with M the super market was bursting with people for the festival on Friday.  I just love shopping, be it pulses or lipsticks, toilet acids or … Continue reading

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Why the anonymity hype

I am no new to blogging world. I have written few blogs some under my name, some anonymous, some for the friends. But the I am always aware that some one I know is reading or will read what I … Continue reading

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