An Awesome Weekend!

Hello Sexy people!!!!

How are you doing? How did your weekend go?

Mine was went amazingly! you must know I and MR were having problems recently, so Saturday we decided we will talk about it.

So Saturday early morning I met him we drove out of the city, sat in a nice cool place and spoke for almost 3 hours, his complaints, my complaints, his reasons, my reasons, his solutions, my solutions and pufff! Problem Solved!!!

I tell you more than  half of the problems in the world can be solved if people talk about it, rather than just assuming stuff and drawing conclusions randomly 🙂

We felt very light and very hungry so went to a near by dhaba ate  parathas and kebabs. I returned home in the evening and there were some guests so we again went out to dinner to an Italian restaurant, the pastas there were to die for 🙂

Sunday MR and other friends came home, I cooked we watched Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum for the millionth time, we ate, laughed, fought and slept. Perfect Sunday 🙂

In the weekend I didn’t touch the laundry, I have not dusted the house, I have to spring clean the house for the festival which is in two weeks, I should start start the pre-procedures of making the sweets and other snacks ( for every Ganesha Festival Mom makes 21 types of dishes for Ganpathi Bappa, I hardly make 5 types but this time Mom is coming to bangalore for festival so I’ll try and make atleast 11 types 🙂 so watch out for many cooking fiascoes and recipes in the coming fortnight ).

I just pray Ganpathi Bappa please cure my procrastination disorder temporarily!!

Lots of Love,

Ms. Lipstick

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I am not good lover of words, writing to me is only a medium of expression of my rants (majorly) sometimes result of my musings. I am a clumsy lover who knows nothing about the art of seduction or can give a long sensuous French kiss on the lips. What I can give you instead is an awkward peck on the cheek which will leave the trace of the drool on your cheek. I can never sweep you off your feet, I can instead give you a tight hug nearly leaving you nearly short of breath.

But there are people who seduce me, give me the French kisses and sweep me off my feet, to me they are the ultimate ROMANCERS OF THE WORDS, they are my George Clooney and Jude Law so this post is for them.

Celestial Rays

The Bride



The Time is Write

Their posts leave me gaping at the screen, re-reading them at least once!

They are smart, they are funny and they seduce you in a second, aimlessly you catch one glimpse of their blog and you are hooked!

Lots of love to you guys, Keep romancing with the words and keep seducing us!!!!!!

Ms. Lipstick

PS. If you are offended by my awkward gesture of appreciation please let me know I will take off your name! But be assured that I get hardly one view per day on my blog (nobody reads this), so you won’t be getting unwanted traffic on your blog!

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Advise Please Advice

Let me make one thing very clear at the end of this post I want honest opinion / advice slap me, kick me do anything but please get me out of this mess.

My happy as heaven relationship with MR is not very happy these days. MR is two months younger to me, he wasted three years as he could not clear state board exams, then opted for a different stream and is in now last year of graduation, studies wise he is good maintaining more than 8 GPA, might get a job as soon as he finishes graduation so all that is fine.

So obviously I graduated 3 years early and started working, I have a decent work with decent pay all that is also fine.

but the thing is I don’t know if I am being unreasonable, I don’t feel like telling I love you for every few minutes like I used to be,couple of years ago, I can’t play you hang up first anymore, I can’t fight for every single thing.

I feel like I have grown too fast where he has lot of growing up to do. The arguments aren’t fun I feel like energy is draining out of me.

sometimes I get so frustrated that I think of coming out the relationship, but both of us have invested lot time and affection to it. I don’t know what is the right thing to do

does any went through these issues in their relationship? How did you deal with it? Am I over thinking it? am I being impulsive? Is it just the stress?

I am scared, very very scared. These emotions I have not shared with,anyone and I will not share it also, please help me

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Updating Life

Hello sexy people, how’s life treating you?

Mine is treating me pretty decent, except for the whining that how boring and cold my new job is, and the only thing making me stick to it is the comparatively fat pay check  🙂

I had taken MR and future in laws for dinner on Saturday my FIL got drunk and entertained us throughly, it was cute that he was high on only two bottles of beer  🙂

Though I was enjoying it MR was embarrassed and had turned beetroot red, God he was looking so hot, had it not been with the in laws I would have pounced on him right there  🙂

And Bangalore whether is a evil evil witch who is solely responsible for my recent
weight gain. It pours so heavily in the evenings that all I do at home is make hot food and eat infront of TV.

I am having some relationship issues, I’ll be coming soon to you guys for advice. How ever Hi-fi my phone is, it is still crap to type a post on it. It is ok only for small random updates.

Love you,
Ms. Lipstick

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2nd Day at the New Job

Hmmm. Its my second day here.

And I am not liking it yet. too bad no.

What do I do? Let me give it sometime,

Ok reasons for my initial coldness,

  1. People here are freezing cold, no good mornings, no smiles, no tea break chats 😦 can you believe it they drink coffee at their desk alone.
  2. Through my previous experience I am accustomed to think with regards to the big business picture, but here I am expected work like a mindless machine, everybody here work like mindless machines 😦 and on the calls people read out from the scripts given to them on their joining day.
  3. It is a multinational firm for godsake! I always heard about multinational firm’s employee treatments how open they are to new ideas and innovations, but no I dont see anything here 😦
  4. I reported a minor correction on the firm’s website to TL sitting next to me, and she sent me ” I appreciate your Help” mail, which is nice by the way, but still I was sitting just next to her, cant she just say thank you.
  5. Biggest turn off, they treat the office helps like slaves, I just hate when people dont call the office boys and maids like they are animals. Yesterday when the office help gave me coffee I thanked him, and he looked at me like I was some lunatic.

I am panicking, Help me people what do I do?


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First day of the new job

Hello peoples I am at the new work place now, so far just filled up some forms and waiting for them to allot my place.

Nice place but a bit cold, don’t know if I like let’s see.

Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me :) – Some more of feminist and not so feminist thoughts

Its my Birthday peepleeeessssssss!!!!!!!!

I officially turn 24 today, Ripe age for marriage 😛

I am getting calls from my friends, family and acquaintances from midnight 12 AM, almost all of them wants to know if I am getting married this year.

Ok if you know I am a recently self acclaimed feminist.

After that incident I started reading more about feminism and feminists,  i read articles, blogs, news, i read about moral policing, domestic violence, rapes, child abuse, taking-or-not-taking-husband’s-surname issues, dowry deaths and many more things.

Ok after reading all this now if you ask me if I am feminist, I would say NO I DONT THINK SO.


OK knowingly or unknowingly I support patriarchy and anti-feminism,

  1. As a teenage girl I always dreamt about marriage, children and perfect household. Loving hushand, cute children and family picnics were my image of perfect life. Sometimes it still is, I do not know if it is the lack of exposure, liberal thinking or it is normal for a girl to have these images. Though I do not have anything against live in relationships, I myself have had-having my fair share of pre-marital sex I would still want a marriage and everything that comes with it.
  2. I have never questioned my parents-elders on why they restrict me on various things like – why I cannot stay out after 9.00 PM, why I cannot call my male friends when I am alone at home, why I cannot speak on phone in late nights, why I cannot text my friends, why I cannot stand outside my house speak with my boyfriends, why I have to be afraid of what people talk or neighbors think about me, so on
  3. In the initial days of my relationship with Mr. MR Nayak i used to scribble Mrs. Lipstick Nayak (no my real name is not Lipstick) on bus tickets, restaurant bills, tissue papers, park benches, trees, leaves, sand, mud etc. Changing my surname after marriage seemed most normal thing to me, as normal as you have to pee after you drink 6 pints of beer.
  4. My parents approval of my boy friend was the most important thing to me, luckily they approved. I dont know If they had decided otherwise whether I would have opposed them or moved on with life blaming it on my fate. I really dont know.
  5. I do not do shit about all the bad things that happen around me. At the most I might just rant about the gender discrimination, violent crimes, domestic abuses. But I dont do anything to stop them, oppose them or even raise a voice against them.

So what I want to do in the next year is learn about how I can contribute, make a difference in any way that I can.

Some how I feel this turned into a pessimistic whining post, I will not edit it, this is how I am feeling right now. Tell me what you guys think about it.

Anyways it is my birthday. Happy for turning a year WISER, sad for turning a year OLDER.

I will write a proper HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY post later.


Ms. Lipstick

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